29 March 2010

Karagöl - II

Photographer: cunyor_tr
Taken on 31 May 2008

See also: Karagöl

28 March 2010

Kalem Island

Photographer: Ceyhan Atasoy
Taken on 02 August 2008

27 March 2010

Aegean Blue in Gümüldür

Aegean blue in Gümüldür.

Photographer: seyr-ü zafer
Taken on 23 December 2009

26 March 2010


Photographer: ĐànẵngMonkey
Taken on 16 February 2010

24 March 2010


Stonewall houses of Alaçati.

Photographer: Volkan Andaç
Taken on 17 May 2009

22 March 2010

The Boat and The Seagull

Photographer: Hülya Coşkun
Taken on 08 March 2007

18 March 2010

Island in Mordogan

This is a very small island close to a beach in south of Mordogan. On the island, only one house exists. You can see the same location at South Mordogan post.

Photographer: Lyonnais
Taken on 26 June 2008

17 March 2010

Konak Underpass

The underpass passing under the Konak Square.

Photographer: Onur T.
Taken on 15 August 2009

16 March 2010

Boats in Özdere

People enjoy daily boat trips around beaches of Özdere.

Photographer: altay0635
Taken on 17 August 2008

14 March 2010

Sunset in Yelki

A red sunset scene in Yelki.

Photographer: Zeynel Aksakal
Taken on 28 June 2008

12 March 2010

Gürel & Hilton

Two of Izmir's skyscrapers; Hilton Izmir and Gürel Residence.

Photographer: Onur T.
Taken on 15 August 2009

11 March 2010

Karşiyaka View from Bayrakli

View of Alaybey and Karşiyaka from Bayrakli.

Photographer: Egemen VII
Taken on 30 April 2008

10 March 2010

Alsancak View From Bayrakli

Alsancak view from Bayrakli over Izmir Bay.

Photographer: Tunga Güvener
Taken on 28 December 2009

9 March 2010

Cetaş Housing Estate

Cetaş is one of the major housing estates in Balçova. The one with the prettiest garden, for sure. The daisies herald the arrival of spring.

Photographer: Özgür Aksoy
Taken on 06 March 2010

8 March 2010

Çigli View From Balçova

Çigli view from Balçova over Izmir Bay.

Photographer: Özgür Aksoy
Taken on 06 March 2010

7 March 2010

Izmir Ethnographic Museum

Izmir Ethnographic Museum in Konak. Find detailed information about the museum here.

6 March 2010

Sunset Above Izmir Harbour

Sunset view above Izmir Harbour.

Photographer: 143Andy
Taken on 07 April 2008

5 March 2010

Pasaport in the Afternoon

Afternoon crowd in Pasaport.

Photorapher: cunyor_tr
Taken on 19 December 2008

4 March 2010


Dikili province is located in the north of Izmir.

Photographer: Mr.Gears
Taken on 16 August 2008

3 March 2010

Konak Mosque

Konak mosque (aka Ingiliz Ayse Mosque) is a very small mosque at Konak Square, near Izmir Clock Tower.

It is remarked by its octogonal plan and Kütahya tile revetments and was first built in 1755 by Ayse Hanim. During the years of First World War it has gone through a serious restoration and it was again restored in 1964.

Photographer: Gülcan
Taken on 15 August 2008

2 March 2010


A magnificent night view from Pasaport.

Photographer: Ilkin
Taken on 28 November 2009

1 March 2010

Theme Day: Passageway

A passageway in Bergama.

Theme day: Passageway
Photographer: Mertol Mutlutürk
Taken on 04 September 2008

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