29 August 2009

Kumru and Gevrek

Two famous kinds of bread which are exclusively baked and sold only in Izmir. The far one, in circular shape is "gevrek", having sesame seeds on. Gevrek is very similar to simit which is baked and sold widely in Turkey.

The closer one is "kumru", a different sandwich bread that is served with cheese, tomato and green pepper in it.

Both gevrek and kumru are usually consumed with traditional Turkish tea and in the purpose of breakfast. You are not supposed to leave Izmir without having your breakfast once with kumru and once with gevrek. :)

Photographer: Tülay Emekli
Taken in June 2008


  1. Delicious photo! The bread looks yummy! The background view isn't bad either!

  2. Oh my, that looks so good! I'll have 2 of each please!
    Izmir is such a good place!

  3. alas I am allergic to sesame

  4. @Mandy

    Mandy that's unfortune because sesame doubles the taste of bread. :)

  5. For more about the trademark tastes of Izmir, see http://www.eatinizmir.com/trademark-tastes-of-izmir-1