5 September 2009

Pasaport at Night

Pasaport view from Izmir Bay, at night. From right to the left; Pasaport Dock (yellow one), Telecom building and Mövenpick Otel.


  1. The night photo is great - colors are superb!

  2. Lovely view of the night harbour, Ozgur. You seem to have an interest in the many blogs from Sydney Australia. I am pleased and welcome you to the CDPB community. You have another compatriot from Izmir: Selim.

  3. Glorious colors and reflections!

  4. @Julie

    Julie, I have lived in Sydney (pls see www.aksoy.web.tr) and I left my heart there. :) I love Sydney. This is the reason of my interest in Sydney blogs. I tried to reach you to let you know that there's a link to Sydney Eye here but you do not publish your e-mail on your profile or blog.

    If Selim is "monoblog", I know about his blog. However he posts photos of everywhere but Izmir. I don't know the reason. Currently I don't intend to link to him for this reason.

    Thanks for your warm welcome. G'day and come again! :)